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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Graduation Trip @ Phuket ~ Phuket Rider

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Phuket is an island that not really big..
but it's not small also..
so.. we decided to use motorbike to travel few place in phuket..
our planning was.. 
from Patong City...
go Kamala visit the temple ther..
then go karon and kata beach...
followed by few viewpoint ther...
included kata viewpoint and pronthep cape viewpoint..
last is go weekend market near phuket town area...

how come we so dare have phuket island trip with motor?
thanks to the technology..
we are using papago thailand version..
we depart from patong city..
rent motor bike from ther..
200 baht each motor excluded petrol..
(we take 5 bike so discount 900 baht for 5)..
we need to give our passport to them to avoid us not return the bike to them..
after all the procedure.. 
we start to depart..
at first quite worry of the weather..
coz it's cloudy day..
but it;s good coz we wont feel too hot while riding motor..
and luckily until night time also no rain =)
first station.. 
reach kamala area..

first stop..
kamala wat..
(wat is the temple)
(not really a great attraction.. should do more research next time)
hhehe... but nevermind..
as a warm up for us to travel another place..

then next.. we go karon beach...

compare with patong beach..
here is much more better..
sea water more clean, sand more better...
the environment also more relax.
karon beach is the best beach in phuket..

then from the local ppl..
they tell us got a karon wat nearby..
and got morning market..
(but we reach the ady noon time, the market going to close)

so we visit to the wat

then.. make a wish there at the karon wat..
here i brief u how to make a wish ther...
1. firstly.. the ppl use melted wax put on the rectangular box..
2. after it become solid.. we use pen to write our wish on it...
3. dang dang dang dang...
4. then put the solid wax into the wok..
and let them cook again..
5. then put some of the melted wax into the so call big candle..
it will use to burn it later...

why we know it? thanks to international language..
(body language)
hahaa.. and our high understand skilll...

then we go inside the temple and see..

lot of nice drawing ther...

part of the view...
after the wat...
follow by to the another beach..
kata beach...

to save time..
have to dapao and eat..
but feel good enjoy the sea wind and eat =)
can u see the high sea wave?
feel syok while play ther..
feel that my self capture skill is really good..
1 shot capture only..

after playing beside the beach.
(i no play, coz lazy change clothes).
we go to the next destination...
kata viewpoint...
this viewpoint can see kata beach, karon beach and kata noi beach..
nice view !!!
after photo sections..
we move to another place...
next viewpoint that near by..
the viewpoint got the regenerate electricity..
dunno the name..
but many ppl play aeroplane ther...

then.. we follow our plan..
go pronthep cape viewpoint for the sunset...

before reach the place.. ther is a place for pray..
and a light house..
the ppl ther is really a lot...
everyway is people..
but we notice somewher will have the best view..
u need to trekking more around 20 mins to reach to the tip of the island...
the wind is super nice ther...
non stop blowing..

wait until night..
have a nice environment..
but sad thing is..
sunset no sun..
we still have moon =)
light house at night time...
so. we depart to weekend night market at phuket town..
it's worth to go..
really lot of food and it's cheap...

here is the place u can eat delicious bug...
 let's see the bug eating reaction ~

besides.. lot of nice food available ther......

 after the food part..
the weekend market also got the fun fair park..
u can play games ther...
  my fren get the lilo after win the games.
and another fren shoot the little toy and get it...

 saw a pity games..
ther is few girl sit on a big water pail..
if u can hit accurately the thing..
the girl will fall into the water..
feel so pity for the girll

then.. got some show in the weekend market...
but.. not reallly suitable for us to see..

after that travel back to patong..
have a wonderful phuket ride ~

by t@t...


Ling said...

wau... u so enjoy lo..

BoonTat said...

not bad la.. graduated ady ma.. hehhe

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