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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Graduate Trip @ phuket ~ explore in phuket town

to get the cheapest way from ipoh go phuket..
here it is..
take a train from ipoh..
u can buy the bed coach..
it cost around RM50 per trip..
around 10 hours u will reach hatyai...
then change Van/Bus go phuket..
it cost around RM35...
included some tuk tuk transfer and etc. 
wont more than RM100 one way go from ipoh go phuket...

this is the coach in the train..
it's quite comfortable but abit noisy ~

*but here happen a sad case..
before depart..
i lost my wallet..
and all the ticket with me..
so i only buy another normal seat go hatyai.
cost RM35 only.. but.. sit for a long time really pity lo...*
when we reach hatyai..
first tuk tuk photo....
to make sure our journey safe and wont get lost..
downloaded a papago thailand map...
so that we will know wher we are..
*becareful some of the bus driver..
they like to cheat..
at first we discuss is they sent us go patong. 
but at last they only sent us to the town..
the company really like to cheat..
so becareful..*
why terbalik? coz i self capture lo..
that is a nice place at phuket town for meal..
nice environment and reasonable price..

when read on the map...
suddenly saw TAT (my name) appear...
read lot of map during this journey..
and this trip also WALK a lot...
to save cost and also experience the environment ~

this is the bus at phuket....
found out this again..
forget the name..
quite nice ~

i miss this a lot..
pure juice..
i ordered dragon fruit...
and it's just cost 20 baht..

mango pulut..
thailand special ~

map again...
but being cheated again..
the ppl say bring us go somewher famous..
at last..
bring us go to the factory..
so that they can earn commissen from it..
and say bring us go a cheap place to eat.
but act quite expensive...

thailand car plat can put hello kitty one oh...

then we get another van..
cost 1200 baht.. from town go big buddha then back to the town..
and the van also bring us to the factory..
thailand ppl like to earn wang sampingan...

phuket big buddha..
but so sad renovating...
our buddha wearing a mask...

sunset @ the town

suddenly saw Andy Lau in thailand...

this one is the dunno wat museum.. we reach ther at night time. nothing to visit.
but it look scary...

on the next morning...
act have a sun-rise plan..
but only 2 ppl can make it. LOL..

another challenge come..
the van got problem..
it cannot start..

so.. this is the part that at phuket town..
although face lot of problem before been to phuket...
my wallet lost.
train ticket lost..
being cheated.
van got problem..
but.. finally we make it !!!
phuket town budget wont too high..
u can get the food at 50 baht for a fried rice..
20 baht for a drink..
a hotel that consider not bad can get in rate 450 baht 1 room (2-3 ppl sharing)..
less tuk tuk available at phuket town..
u also can rent a motor in a rate less than 200 baht per day..

town attraction is not bad..
u can go visit. some historical.
their culture
trying their local food..
but no nightlife at phuket town..
(nightlife only at patong city)

by t@t...


Qyo❤Mk said...

I wanna go !!!! hehehehehehehehe

BoonTat said...

hahha. u go further ady lo.. phuket so near only. hahhaha...

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