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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Introduction of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)

First, have a look on the corporate video of UTeM..
it will give u a brief introduction about UTeM..

version 2.0 is better..
or u also can see the wikipedia intro.... click HERE...
but not really up-to-date.. just for ur information....


Then.. for ur information.. UTeM have 3 campus..
1. Main campus
2. Industrial campus
3. City campus

1st is our main campus. which located at Durian Tunggal. the faculty in this campus is..
1. FKEKK (Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering)
2. FKE (Faculty of Electrical Engineering)
3. FKP (Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering)
4. FTMK (Faculty of Information and Communication Technology)

Next is our Industrial Campus, or we call it "Mars Campus".. it's located at Taman Tasik Utama.
1. FKM (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
2. FTK (Faculty of Technologies Engineering)
(the CUBIC/KUTKM is the Mars Campus)

And for the city campus, which located near town area.. the faculty located ther will be:
1. FPTT (Faculty of Technology Management and Technopreneurship)

if want to know more academic info.. pls visit HERE.
(example the course elaboration and etc)

UTeM currently have 8 hostel..
1. Emerald Park (Bukit Beruang)
2. Murni (Bukit Beruang)
3. Bunga Raya (Bukit Beruang)
4. D apartment (Bukit Beruang)
5. Murai Jaya (Murai Jaya Single Storey house)
6. Bertam Perdana (Pulau Gadong)
7. TTU 2 (Taman Tasik Utama double storey house)
8. TTU 3 (Taman Tasik Utama Apartment)

for the detail of the hostel.. pls visit the HERE
Normally will know which hostel will stay during registration.

**for ur information,
1. every student compulsory stay 2 year in UTeM hostel.
2. UTeM main campus hostel now in building progress.


normally there is a Question come out from the newbie in UTeM...
we are not stay inside the campus.. how we go class?
UTeM prepared 18 buses for the transportation..
for shuttling service and also for the event purpose.
every hostel got 1 - 3 bus (see the capacity of the hostel) for every trip..
and every day got few trip..
*actual time table will know it when semester start.

and if UTeM got any activities, normally it will have a special bus on fetching all the participant going.. so no need worry also.. but if u have ur own transport, u also can bring it here. UTeM is allow motor or car drive into campus area.

for the Public bus..
Melaka Sentral is the intersection of all of the bus (if not mistaken)..

and melaka is having a Panorama bus service,
the bus route map..
or visit HERE for more information about PANORAMA bus
now PANORAMA bus is the public bus service,
it's on the progrss to upgrade,
current also will have few bus is same as the type as above..

for public bus,
bukit beruang area hostel got quite a lot of public bus...
for other hostel, although not as much as bukit beruang area, but still have public bus.

and dun worry.. the public bus can bring u go most of the interest place in melaka...
just from ur hostel --> melaka sentral --> destination..
u can go to the A famosa (historical place), jonker street, red house, shopping complex (Dataran Pahlawan, Mahkota Parade, Aeon Jusco Bandaraya Melaka, Jusco Bukit Beruang), and other...


since u watch the corporate video. 
u can see most of the faculty look...
so here i am to introduce to u some special facilities...

 it's a FREE SERVICE provided by UTeM... so if u have any health problem.. u may go to the clinic and consult doctor for FREE !!!

 UTeM library offer lot of service...
1. book loan service.. library allow maximum 10 books loan.. the duration for book rental is 2 weeks. then u may renew ur book online or directly with the librarian...
2. computers for assignments and online purpose..
3. Journal and documents and on9 database
4. study area
5. room rental (discussion room, media room and etc)
6. media rental
7. wifi service
and many more... visit library website HERE

computer center UTeM offer the service related to the IT technology..
1. the computer center available few hundred computers for student use.. u can do ur assignment (homework), online, editing media (photoshop or other), computer programming, and also u can PLAY GAMES ther !! some computer even install DOTA for u to release stress..
2. software install, some FREE SOFTWARE can be install at computer center, included Window 7, Microsoft Office 2010 and other...
3. It incharge of the UTeM wifi development, and now most of the Main Campus, city campus and all hostel also available for wifi service.



UTeM sport complex provided lot of the sport and recreation..
1. indoor court (basketball, ping pong)
2. outdoor court (volleyball, basketball, hockey, tennis, sepak takraw, football)
3. recreation (flying fox, canoe (kayak), archery, jogging), some activities will carried out by club.
4. Gym room
5. other
all the activities will be free, but some of the activities provided by UTeM club, need to join their member or join their event only can play.

A large mosque for UTeM muslim, lot of the activities carry on by Pusat Islam UTeM.

STUDENT CENTER (Pusat Persatuan Pelajar)
Student center is the student club and activities building, inside this building is the room for the clubs in UTeM, and also some service in this building.
1. ATM (maybank, CIMB, Bank Islam, Agro Bank, BSN)
2. Mini Post Office
3. Koperasi (something like grocery)
4. Counselling
5. Meeting + Discussion Room..
6. Wifi
7. other
for more intro for the Student Center.. see THIS BLOG POST..

*for Mars Campus and City campus facilities intro is not complete =) 
but act all the student can enjoy the main campus facilities..

(for FKM & FTK)

the mars campus also got library, cafe, study room and etc etc. 
campus is smaller but it's good because no need to walk far from one place to another.
 the green building is FKM academic building, most of the FKM class will be ther..
infront of the green building is cafe..
then beside the bus is bus stop.
this is the FTK academic building..
most of the FTK class will be ther...

then nearby the mars campus, ther got another place call Fasa B..
within 8 mins walking distance..
most of the FKM lab will be here..
and 4 lecture rooms here.
so will have lab and class here also..

(for FPTT)
City campus is a campus in the Malacca City.. which just nearby to the Jonker Street, Dataran Pahlawan and etc... the facilities available will be cafe, reading corner and etc..


please go check ur yayasan negeri or other similar stuff to get ur DERMASISWA...
through that u may get some extra pocket money or to help u in difficulties for paying the fee... for ur information. yayasan perak is given RM1000 for the undergraduate student...

Is a loan for the student which study in higher education.. u may apply it before u enter university or after u enter university. NO NEED TO WORRY u cannot get the loan from it. just well prepare urself for the documentary stuff.
see the following website for the FAQ student... 
*normally will have few time submission of form for PTPTN in every semester. bring along ur document to the university will enough, if u haven certified, u can certified in UTeM also. 

Unit Kebajikan HEPA UTeM is a unit that help u to solve all ur scholarship or Loans and also ur welfare in UTeM.
1. If u having financial problem (really having problem), u can load RM500 in Unit Kebajikan without interest.
2. giving advise/consult on PTPTN and loan
3. If any incident(example accident, parent pass away or other) happen, can refer to unit kebajikan also.
so if u have any financial problem on paying the fee for UTeM, dun hesitate call the phone in ur surat tawaran ther... =)

there is lot of scholarship available.. one of the scholarship is JPA...
click to see more about JPA Scholarship...

and also other scholarship...
click to see more about other Scholarship

UTeM is offering WiFi service at all hostel (if not mistaken) for FREE... but log in at hostel need id and password, so 1st week orientation not sure u all can online or not..

What is MPP, MPP is Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar, or so call Student Representative Council. it's something like the politic, those Datuk and YB going to fight for ur welfare... so anything dun hesitate contact them also.
click HERE for the MPP UTeM facebook page

ORIENTATION (Minggu Haluan Siswa)
the most question student ask is the orientation.. so far as i know.. UTeM orientation is one of the BEST orientation in local university...
We are inviting Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, malaysia first astronaut for the talk during orientation.. beside, we got NO PHYSICAL TORTURING activites during orientation.. 
*but mentally torture for the talkssss still available.. LOL.. and this is the standard program of all the orientation.

something u need to take note:
1. Bring along ur sweeter because in the great hall maybe will very cold...
2. UTeM is smoke free campus.. DUN BRING ALONG CIGARATTE..
3. Wear proper attire, please follow the attire in ur book given. And for guy better dun dye ur hair.
4. During orientation, bring along ur lock(for locker/cupboard), extension wire, bed sheet and ur pillow (hostel is not provided). *if u didnt bring, i think wil have stall selling it also, no need worry..
5. Normally, last year orientation from monday to friday, so "maybe" got 2 day holiday after the orientation.. (not sure this year program how or need to move house after orientation or not)
6. Melaka is not a rural area, so u can go to shopping complex shopping during weekend, no need bring too much unnecessary stuff come..
7. UTeM hostel is apartment style, so it got room with living hall and share toilet with few ppl in ur house.. 
8. UTeM no need wear formal wear go to the class, so no need bring too much formal, but guys better bring collar t-shirt. normally need to wear collar t-shirt + long pant + sport shoes. 
**but for lab, we need to wear labcoat (will buy after enter university) + long pant + safety boat, u can prepare after enter university
~orientation need to wear white colour formal shirt and slack. pls take note~

u can know ur semester break (holiday) and the important date in the next semester, pls visit the following link. 

UTeM is having quite lot of the clubs, stay tune during the orientation =) 
*u also may go facebook search for the UTeM club/UTeM kelab/技术大学学会*

and also every year will have some annual activities carry on annually.. example Karnival Penghayatan Islam, Spring Festival (Pesta Ang Pau), Pesta Cahaya (for deepavali), career fair, Pesta Convo and many more....


An official website of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.

A UTeM facebook page that sharing idea with everyone (admin is UTeM student).

An official UTeM facebook page by University Management.

some Newspaper news about UTeM
all the information is written based on my experience, maybe it will change from time to time. hope that can help anyone of you.. beside, if any info that i mention is not accurate or incorrect, pls let me know. i will change it =)
or anything else i miss out and most of u want to noe it? please let me know too...

most of the photo source is from google search, UTeM Facebook page, UTeM website and other..

lastly.. here is the special introduce for melaka food... have a look =)

by t@t...


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