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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Graduation Trip @ Phuket ~ explore in Patong City

after explore the phuket town...
time to go to the most happening place in phuket.
patong city..
we are staying in patong backpacker hostel..
the rate is affordable.. and near to the beach and bangla road..
the location is quite good..
*online booking will be cheaper*
normally we like to go thailand try the local MCD samurai pork burget..
*but patong city mcd slidely expensive compare with hatyai one* 

 after that.. walk around the town..
the food at the patong ther is more expensive compare to the town..

 *dun think that all food sell beside the street will cheaper..
sometime convenience shop will have a better price*
 patong ther got hello kitty shop  ~
 seriously the place got lot of travel agency..
spend some time on it. to get a better rate for the snorkelling and other package..
especially during low season..
u can get very low price package..

because the sun is too hot in the noon time..
not going to beach 1st..
just walk around the patong beach area ther..
then when evening only play at ther beach and wait for the sunset ~


acting as died ppl

someone say this photo learn the naruto one....

overall patong beach feeling is...
the sun is hot..
the sea wave quite big.. quite fun..
but water not as clean as i tot..
mayb too much tourist ther..

 dun forget to put on more sun-block while playing under the sun..
even walk under the sun !!!
then have a night walk at patong city..
 the got a thai boxing show ther..

they build a stadium for this event...
sure earn a lot..
because the ticket is quite expensive...

some photo of the city when at night time ~

 normally the patong city food price is slidely higher..
if want eat local and nice food..
pls visit banzaan market..
ther have a night market ther..
the food is local + delicious + cheap..
every night spend 150 baht..
u can eat like a boss..
(u can just spend very less.. based on wat u want to eat)

some stall no ready table..
so have to eat beside the street...

btw.. thailand market is very clean..
wont have lot of rubbish nearby..
although the ppl sell food..
but wont simply throw away their waste..
then follow by the most happening place at phuket..
bangla road..
 u can see lot of pole dance at the bangla road..
some performance on fake snake

when u in bangla road..
ther will have lot of ppl asking u..
wanna see agua show, ping pong show, lady boy show and etc etc...
the price is few hundred to thousand plus baht...

another photo with patong beach sign..
after whole day walk..
feel tired..
have a massage is a very good choice..

but patong massage not as good as hatyai or other place...
mayb too much tourist..
so not enough ppl to massage..
the rate also slidely higher a bit...

patong city is more happening compare with phuket town..
so the price of everything is much more expensive compare in phuket town..
there is lot of travel agencies nearby..
if u get enough money.. many thing u can do..
can go ATV, rafting, elephant trekking, snorkelling, diving and etc etc..
beside that.. u also can watch many show..
like fantaSEA, simon cabaret, siam niramit...
try to bargain for the price..
u can get surprise..

if u wanna get a budget trip.
it's also possible happen in patong city..
do more survey..
u can get cheap food, cheap hotel and cheap package.

the best thing in patong city should be the bangla road..
very happening at night time..

by t@t...

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