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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sayonara 2012 and konichiwa 2013

it's fast that it is 2013...
this year is the year that i really get into the working environment..
and leave study life...
so it's quite significant to me...

firstly.. it should be 2012 review...
erm.. actually this year (currently) less blog...
mayb not in the mood or life doin too much thing that is repeating..
no meaning keep writing the same thing.
so something i not really blog on it..
and fb is a good medium for photo uploading and sharing...

what is special this year?

had lot of memories in this year..
especially with frens...
photo tell everything.
labuan-kk graduation trip (pulau rusukan besar- inhabited island)

final year final sem BBQ

hiking at bukit beruang

ipoh-penang road trip (gua tempurung)

Hotspring @ jasin

kinda weird form 5 + yin boon yam cha

my birthday

pantai puteri

before graduate 1

before graduate 2

Eng Ling birthday

hongfai + huifang birthday

larry birthday

5S1 gathering !!!

my graduation ~

graduation trip @ thailand !

form 5 fren @ kukup
tzu chi final meeting

5S1 new year

Dean list award night

USS1 new year bai nian

part time job - enfragrow

yam cha


honeywell-ingenious party
i think i am always luckly =)
wish me continue bless by everyone everything..
review back my last year resolution..
1st wish is.....
change my occupation status from student --> engineer...
2nd wish is...
stay healthy.... no matter me myself and my family and my frens =)
3rd wish is...
stay happy always.. life should enjoy...
btw.. another wish is...
travel more place.... heheheh....
get more freebies... heheheheh...
all checked !!!

so.. next year should work harder and aim more..
my 2013 resolution are....

1. Stable in financial.. probably get a house by next year =)
2. Get healthier.. gain weight to 60kg (but not only gain on my tummy, so need to do more gym and swim)
3. Do well in career.. 
4. Start a relationship <3 font="font">
5. Enjoy ~
wish that all will archived well in coming year.. 

and next year i should in a good year.. because snake and dragon kawan baik..
from one chinese idiom.. dragon snake mix together.. 龙蛇混杂。。

lastly.. happy new year to all of u...

by t@t...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random post @ 061212

Long time no blog...
it's because.. my house (PJ) internet got problem.
i cannot online anymore =(
so recently only use zero facebook from digi to access free digi..
now can online because hotel got internet...
so fast...
i work 3 and a half month ady...
from the so call "new guy".. now because "a bit old guy"..
because my company keep on hire new staff...
and now learn a lot for my work.
the system stuff..
can start to handle my work..
seriously quite interest on the system..
so.. may put more effort on it..
and one of the most excited thing is.
my first time been to offshore...
i love the feeling ther..
surrounding by sea..
enjoy the sea breeze all the time..
but this time just take the boat.. 
i still waiting for the chance to take the helicopter..
(should be a great experience to ride on helicopter. ehhe)
share a bit the experience ther..
since we taking boat this time.
we use "swing rope" to get on the platform..
if the sea is not rough..
this should be no problem..
*btw.i had been standby for one day since bad weather..
the sea wave level is 3-4meter..*
and we are actualy stepping on the sea..
u can see the sea down ur feet..
some of the platform u can see fishes..
and the fish is so beautiful..
and if we cant finish our food..
we use to feed to fish as well..
(for un-man platform)
some of the photo on the offshore..
not take on the production process ther..
since is a bit dangerous..
*btw. i only work in control room, so..
didnt go ther also. only see from far. ahah*
 so total go offshore for 3 days...
saw a super nice sunset..
but so sad..
my phone battery was finish...
 then there is a thing that should be happy..
i gained weight !!!
currently 54+-kg..
really happy for that..
i underweight since dunno how many years ago..
i think i should have a ideal weight soon..
*eat more and need gym + swimming..*

 recently plan to read 3 books...
that i brough dunno how many months ago. ahah..
use MPH voucher to brought it one.
and i just unwrap it.. lol..
dunno spend how many time to read it..
so i have to always bring it along.
read it while i free...
hehe.. recently go pray the god also..
it's so call thanks to the god for the bless whole year..
pray for the "tai shui" god..
seriously i always feel that i am having good luck =)
so... just go pray for it..
hope can get more bless...
 and.. time for jingle bell...
taken while i work part time at midvalley..
it's my last part time ady..
act i quite enjoying doing photoshop.
will continue play photoshop while i got mood.
still dunno how i pass my this christmas and new year..
and actually.. not really like to pass those festive..
because it's too crowded if wanna go countdown..
or too jam..
so.. mayb will go work that time also..
dunno how yet.. need to wait my schedule first..
 sometime i really miss my childhood memories...
i love half boiled egg...
it's was my flavourite and my breakfast while i still a kid..
but.. i am satisfied with my life as well..
how about u?
just enjoy wat we have. while working hard to improving 

##just now blogger show that picasa album exceed the upload limit, so i delete some photo.
then.. i just notice that it's link to my blog.. OMG...
my blog post no photo le =(

by t@t...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Convocation

ding ding ding ding...
after 4 years 8 semester 48 months...
finally i am graduated !!!

at 20 October 2012 evening section..
it's my convo...
seriously thanks god for not raining..
because it is 9 empire gods festival,
normally everyday also rain..
but this time. it's no rain on that day =)

before enter t fahe hall,
when we gather at the canopy..
final checking on my robe face...
look niiiiiiiiiice =)

the so call queue card and our alumni card..
 after wait for a long time.. we enter the hall...
after all formal event..
(i forget wat event ady. it's quite bored actually)..
then finally reach our turn to take the transcript..
(and actually, we just take the hard cover upstair, no transcript inside).
and one by one...
say cheese to our chancellor...
after that..
after that..
photograph section.. 
firstly my family photo..
thanks to my parent and my brother & sister in law for coming..
and thanks for the very nice flower..

next thanks to my photographer..
winnie.. really pity her because stay under the hot sun take photo for me..
then.. the very first junior that i meet...
*meet me before i enter the hall, so i haven wear my robe yet. ahaha...
thanks to joye and sharon for the present..
then next.. also meet before enter..
thanks for the present =)
(same to skye)
then Swee Yen, Dato Lai and daphne...
thanks oryon for passing the chinese cultural society souvenir..
then see ying and li ying for ur beautiful pen..

photo with big white bear.. LOL..
with the FUjiwara meng huat. haha

FKM junior geng..
YeeMun, Carman, Da Ping and Rex...
suppose BMCD photo..
why Dato Lai here !!!?
a real BMCD photo is here..
thanks juniors for coming...
thanks for the present =)
with ShuChin.. the leng lui vice president.
with Lee.. FKM junior ~
classmate =)

then with the chancellor award winner Mr Ewe Tek Bee...
Another vice president leng cai vincent..
my FKM juniors...
with the my aiya mother.. hui fang..
haha.. this one like to posing...
mr yau hui...

Ms Lee Anna...
thank kar lock for the tzu ching souvenir =)
loh choon hong.. my treasurer..
See Boon Seng.. 
ms Kim Kim.. (i always forget her real name.. LOL)
finally.. solo a while...

but actually feel that take not enough photo..
mayb that time too hot..
still cant meet up some of my fren yet..
so next time lo..
believe that life goes on.
still will meet up...

and lastly...
here it's all..

erm.. throughout those study life...
experience lot of thing..
seriously enjoy it so much..
especially knowing many of my frens..

erm.. talk about study.
act i not someone that love study...
so.. not putting 100% effort on study..
but other things..
like club & activities, frens, hangout, play and etc etc..

but at last i also manage to archive some target in my university.
get some awards..
get dean list (got 4.0 somemore)..
join club and activities (SRC + president somemore)
get famous (but become low profile at last year)..
earn some money to go travel (although not much trip i went)..
and etc etc..
and thanks to my frens..
for letting me copy sometime..
in test, quiz, assignment and project..
thanks to my fren helping out on everything..
thanks to my fren on accompany me =)

but.. it should be enough for me..
so no think about further study master..
because i think i really not the "material" to study...
currently working and enjoy the life...

~ currently work in PJ...
welcome everyone yam cha with me ya...~

by t@t...
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