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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Graduation Trip @ Phuket ~ Snorkelling time

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one of the most excited thing waiting to do in phuket is snorkelling..
we took a package as following...
it's a speedboat package..
firstly the price state ther is 3000baht..
but. we manage to decrease it until 950baht each (total 9 ppl)..
so.. bargain is very important..

early morning. ther sent a transfer to pier...
they sent us a van.
coz it;s too early..
we are sleeping on van...

this one is the tour guide for the snorkelling trip..
*look careful. the orang colour shirt...
is that look like someone?*

this is how the speedboat look like..
total around 40+ ppl...
dang dang dang dang...
photo with mr Bean ~

viking cave..
a place for bird nest production..
cannot enter.. only can see from far...

this area so call natural swimming pool..
it's pileh lagoon..
this time cannot swim here because it's low tie.
but swim here before..
the water is clear.. and less wave..

first time experience.. speedboat parking..
and we reach second destination..
Maya Bay..

it was a very great bay before..
last time been here.. 
the water and sand is very nice..
but now..
being poluted ady..
then.. go to monkey bay..
the monkey quite fierce..
not really fun ther..

thailand traditional boat...

next... go Loh Samah Bay for snorkelling...
the place got lot of fish..
(we bring bread go feed the fish)..
and some coral...
but wave quite big.. 
not really peace for snorkelling..

the package bring us go phi phi don island for lunch..
the lunch is not bad..

and last station for the trip is the khai nok island...

so sad my camera battery gone...
cannot take more photo...
but the khai nok island is a good for play water...
lot of food and easier to take photo...

phuket snorkeling trip is not really worth..
since it's more expensive.. 
because it spend more time on travelling on the boat..
preferable go phi phi island to take to traditional boat snorkeling..
u will more enjoy (u book the whole boat)..
and more time to have fun...
and some of the place from phi phi and phuket actually is the same..
btw.. u still can enjoy..

to check the other package price in phuket..
u may visit..

by t@t...

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