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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A new chapter of life

Ther is a lot of chapter in our life..
And now it is another chapter..
A chapter that from ipoh go kl go melaka then now pj...
After study for so manay years..
Finally i am graduated...
Furthr study? Nope for now..
Seriously not really interested on stufy..

Ok back to topic..
Going to have some pre-kl life experience..
Today traffic jam because traffic police check the car and motor.. Wtf..
I think they want get more side income for raya...
Part time in kl, work few days part time in kl.. Although got some experience work in kl before.. Ahaha
(act to earn somemore money before start work, i super bored at home ady)

Then going to have a job call "service project engineer"..
Quite like the name.. Sound PRO.. Lol..
And work at honeywell engineering..
It is an US mnc, salary and benefit quite nice, that's why i choose here...
It is a contract based, 1 year contract..
Job scope is provide preventive solution to the other company in their machine or system..
So i need to travel to the site..
Either offshore or onshore..

Act before that interview another design engineer in penang, but i get a better one, so have to reject it..

Actually feel that life is so funny...
I say that i wanna work in either ipoh penang or singapore, dun want kl..
But at last... I come kl also... Haha...

Lastly.. Having a new life hereeee..
Wish me all the best..

Work resolution~
1. Improve networking.
2. Perform well in job
3. 20k!!!
4. Being hunt by someone in my future career... Lol

1 comment:

Winnie said...

After one year you can come to Sg work!

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