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Sunday, June 17, 2012

吃在麻坡 ~ Muar Famous Food Review Trip ~

Finally. Muar here is come. ahhaha...
after think to go muar for a long time..
this time really i am going ~

Firstly, have some breakfast in the kopitiam..
call HitYo (义号) Cafe at Muar.
 act this restaurant is just normal for me. 
so not going to intro all the food that we ate..
1st. the curry noodle. the soup is not bad.
but.. too less thing inside ady..
perfer put more cha siew, meat or etc.
2nd. this one. i forget the name..
but it's look great. ahhaha..
but the taste is so so only la. ehehe...
otak-otak bread.. special in muar..
taste not bad.. a bit spicy..
 the environment ther is not bad...
lot of comic and got their childhood memories ther...

then go the muar famous 关圣宫。。
at first i tot can visit they training..
but we no do research..
when reach ther just see few kids playing the drum only.

then go to town area...
a hawker center call 国泰美食中心。
or 皇圆??

saw something special..
muar otak-otak fried noodle...
look special..
but we wait ther more than 1 hour also haven get our noodle yet..
so decided not to eat this...
although heard that it's quite nice

then the next stall got the ice kacang stall.
just normal..
and.. the bee is nearby ther.....

then try out the 手工面。
it's so worth..
RM2.50 only.. and the taste really no bad

 back to childhood...
play the happy egg.. hahaah

the Muar road view ~

walk awhile..
we reach the avenue 4 (贪吃街)。
a famous street in muar.

 walk walk walk.... 

  lot of foods...

after buy those food.. go to ther nearby
记得吃粿条仔 Kee Tak Food Corner.
the dish ther is nice ~

afterward, go to new tanjung, Muar..
saw a cute girl playing..
but she is shy to take photo. ahahha... 
 heard that this is is the istana muar
 then saw another BIG KID playing also..
 then go the the tanjung food court nearby eat.
eat at the Ah Lai Rojak ther.
order rojak and also 五香。。
the rojak is really super normal.
no need to try also ok..
the 五香 is ok ok la.
because i like fried thing. hahaha
 saw a kid playing with the pigeon. 
feel like wanna play too..
next destination..
go see monkey ~
also nearby that area..
saw some BIG CONTRAST MONKEY ther.
the thin monkey look at the fat monkey because it got the food.
the thin monkey so jealous ~ ahhaa..
 a kind guy keep on distribute the fruit to the monkeys..
 monkey in action to attract us give them food ~
this is is super cute..
a monkey mom bring her monkey kid ~
 then night time.. go Medan Ikan Bakar Sabak Awor ther eat dinner..

 the view ther is really nice =)
 actually we dunno which stall is the best..
just simply choose one stall..
stall Norseha Ikan Bakar/Asam Pedas, Stall No 9.

 the price ~

the food is not bad..
but some of it not really very fresh...
it still can be better ~
but it is SUPER CHEAP !!!
all it only cost RM59,
then 5% discount (mayb i too handsome)..
so only RM56...
for 6 people included drinks...

Overall of Muar Trip..
this trip expenses is really low...
today eat from morning until night.. 
only spend RM28 per person...
full from morning until midnight..
*now 2.37am i still feel full. hahhaha...

but the taste of the food.
is not as expected...
but still acceptable..
consider OK ~

today shopping spot a bag...
it's the bag that i find for a loooooong time ady..
but i cannot find one that i like..
and now.. finally i get it...
this bag use to put my iPad and my camera..
look like a bit formal but can use for casual..
this is the feel !!!
how do u feel my bag?

by t@t...


Qyo❤Mk said...

I miss muar so much ...
use to visit there frequently last time =((

How's your pulao sapi trip ha

BoonTat said...

just balik... pulau sapi is awesome lo. hahahahha

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