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Sunday, December 26, 2010

211210 trekking at Kledang mountain @ ipoh 怡保升旗山

suddenly someone plan it go trekking..
long time no go..
so go ther have some fun.

act that day go ther late ady.. LOL..
plan depart at 7.20am.
but i wake up when my fren call me at 7.05am..

haha.. but cannot blame me la.
coz just have penang trip 1 day before this...
when reach ther..
got some communication problem. we start the trekking seperately..

*suggestion: the 2 entrance should put on signboard, entrance A and entrance B.. ahha...

act this klebang mountain we call it 升旗山 or望里万山..
it got 2 path, 1 is the "car road" another is a bit challenge de path..

the car road is easy but tired..
another path is challenge a bit but fast..
for me i sure prefer the 2nd one la. hehe..

at last i got walk the both also la......

here is the scene that on the way. hoho

 new place in klebang mountain, it's look like cameron highland.. LOL

"waterfall", LOL
some scene... 

the path that little bit challenge... it's ady put on the step. so not so difficult
but that day my leg damn tired.
coz just drive to penang for 1 day trip 1 day before this..

 when i reach higher... hehe

  another road path.. call jalan longkang.. LOL.

best scene of the day.. hehe..
 before leave.. have a group photo... 
but 6 ppl only? the camera man is tuck yuan..
add another photo beside.. hehe

after that... thinking...
what is nice in menglembu..
then heard that got 1 wan tan mee and nice..
and got 1 chee cheong fun...

so use GPS search for it...
but so sad... 1 is not open.. another 1 is not yet open..

after that change to another venue to eat..
so sad the food is damn CHA...
no CHA FOOD photo will be allow !!
so no photo. haha

by t@t...

1 comment:

Richard Ling said...

Kledang mountain..

that's some where new to me.

nice place.

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