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Saturday, December 4, 2010

031210 phase 1 job is done

recently go back melaka... to do some stuff for university...
so i catogories it into 4 phases..

phase 1- meeting and activity with university.

phase 2- planning activity for coming sem.

phase 3- finalize/run the activity (maybe no need)

phase 4- drama training

then after yesteday. i ady done the phase 1..
1/12 meeting with university pembangunan,
discussion about all those related to pembangunan universiti.
so after that.. we get that..
bus stop, clinic, hostel is on the process to building..
and another recreation place nearby mosque UTeM for those ppl have a rest ther..

2/12 Alumni Activity
1. career forum
erm.. it's wasting my time for this... i tot got wat career opportunity in this forum.. but at last just make me feel dissappointed
2. home coming dinner
erm.. nothing much to say.. just a normal dinner with other pegawai and also mpp.

3/12 meeting with pejabat bendahari & NC
1. Meeting with pejabat bendahari
erm... this time the main issue is to make sure PTPTN will bank in on time.. so ady get all those info. so suppose it will be on time..
2. Meeting with NC
this kind of meeting is more on the discussion and sharing. haha.. coz dato like to talk alot about his experience.. not bad.. and also better than other PTj. NC wont bring us turn around.. what we finalize the important thing is..
1. next year we will having a more comfortable place on study. all those timetable should be ok.
2. next intake will take less student compare last semester, so that wont come out a program for the facilities not enough.
3. fkm and fkp confirm will no build in coming 2 years coz KPT not giving any money for pembangunan.
4. student exchange program will be start next year.. portion will be around 20ppl in the m'sia, 4ppl for foreign country.
some other info still confidential.. so will not publish yet...

**just notice something... my phone camera set to macro mode.. so the photo that i took not so clear.. a bit waste on the photo.. nvm.. i learned a lesson. next time wont happen again..

by t@t...

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