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Saturday, December 4, 2010

what useful software i am using now? hehe

just reformat my laptop..
so wanna have a share on wat software i using...
and i found out something..
act window 7 can use all the software.
if not mistaken la..

1. Adobe photoshop CS3
last time act i use firework one.. but then.. i feel that firework is not powerful enough. so now change to photoshop.. but still no time really to use this yet.. many features still dunno... mayb need someone teach.
if interested can ask me for the installer.. hehe

2. Corel video studio Pro X3
this is a power video, photo, music combination software.. the purpose is the mix it into a movie or slideshow.. the effect inside is really great.. can make a more professional video compare with window movie maker and some software...

if interested can ask me for the installer.. hehe

3. Microsoft Office 2010
wao.. it's better than 2007.. more feature we can use... like the word feature, saving feature and other as well... need some time to really look into it...
1. word~ lot of word feature inside.. example word glow and etc. u can use Microsoft word to design invitation card banner and other as well already..
** and i download a mathematic add on for my microsoft word, it can plot the graph, can compute(calculate) and other function as well
2. powerpoint~the special is it can save into window media player file (wmv file). so that u can add a music, to become a video.. quite nice.. hehe..
can install original version in UTeM pusat komputer for free.

4. bao feng暴风影音
a quite nice media player software, can support lot of file.. now available online streaming also available.. but mayb got another better one...
i have to installer or u may download it.

5. Microsoft security essential
it's a not bad anti virus software... so far i use it quite ok. since it's free for all original window user... and i using lot of microsoft software.
just on9 search and download it...

6. google chrome
it's a great browser for internet act, but the best thing in chrome not the speed. but is the extension.. i like the ..
a. facebook photo zoom
when u point at the facebook photo, it will automatic zoom into the original size of the photo.
b. Trashcan
if u mistakenly close ur tab, u may recover it easy.
c. screen capture
u can easy edit the webpage compare with print screen...

7. Alarm
sometime ur handphone or other alarm cannot wake u up?? try use this.. hehe
i have this alarm installer, or u may search on9

all this is i feel that great software that should install in every laptop/pc.. hope u all like it =)

by t@t...

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