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Friday, March 27, 2009

will u off ur light? earth hour 2009

tomolo is earth hour 2009 oh..

the details are...
date: 28/03/09
time: 8.30pm - 9.30pm

venue: ur house/hostel

i will join this oh..
will u??

act this is a small action to remind us.. save ur world..

mission is to save the electricity for one hour..

but for the vision is to aware our world need a rest..
have to save our world before it's too late

u also can log in..
earth hour 2009
for more about his...

but during this.. wat will u do?
1. sleep? **good idea?

2. go out walk walk? **it's time to keep fit>

3. dining with candle? **so romantic !
4. go shopping? **like not match with our mission.. haha.

5. find our fren chit chat on the dark..
**nvr try this
6. organize some event on it?? **i want but no time.. hha

by t@t...


Helenxox said...

Telling ghost stories in this amazing night with friends...WHY? Well, you are not only participate in this meaningful event, but also hanging out and having fun with your friends...Cool idea? LOL

tatistat said...

hahha.. this was a good idea.. but my whole hostel also guy...

talking ghost story in front of guy no meaning oh,. hhaha

then u ther also can organize ur earth hour urself ma... hehe..

then can tell ghost stories lo.. heehe..

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