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Thursday, March 26, 2009

my bridge project>>>>

only can describe with one word...

act got lot of idea to do that oh..
and think lot of the problem to solve the things..

but one of my group member say that he want to do..
so i trust him.. and let him do.
but the result..
not so satistied..

the bridge really with a light weight with is 129.9 grams..
the 2nd lightest in the class...
and it can support 5.087kg..
ratio around 39//

get the 3rd place over 8 groups in the class..

but i not satisfied..
act i can do better !!!

so next time...
i wont't will join into to make sure all those things can do better>>

later wil upload some photo and video about this...

by t@t...

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