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Saturday, June 2, 2012

play + eat + watch gathering @ pantai puteri + 101 hot pot + Men In Black 3

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after.. plan + change + plan + change...
finally the day is coming..
although before this gathering a bit unamused thing happen..
but at last it consider success for this gathering also..
start with my meter...
erm 777.9.. means that..
 ya.. our first destination is follow klebang..
go to pantai puteri..
total 9 ppl going..
*act i just 1st time been ther...
 after more than half and hour.
we reach.. park at the roadside and play ~

 i am sexy and i know it? ehhehe...
the moment i took off my shirt....

 someone still like to play sand...
to revise back their childhood memories...

on the other hand.. 
war started... 

everytime go beach must have a sand man...
wondering why it's me...

someone shoot on my while i resting on the beach ~

another cameraman during this gathering..
but.. he not entering the water.. 

another war...
throw and hide.. 

after sunset... head to another round...
101 hot pot (one O one hot pot) at malim ther to have our dinner...
RM19.90 + RM1.99 tax... 
so around RM22 per head...
total 16 ppl is ther ~
where it is? it's near the shoplet at the new road connect malim and batu berendam ther..
the food ther is quite a lot.
but mostly is the "original flavor"..
like those meat and etc..
then still gt tang shui, sushi (cheap cheap de sushi), tea leaf egg and etc..

 but the bad comment will be..
the fried stove and also the bbq stove..
only 1 fried stove and bbq stove for the whole restaurant..
for the fried stove we need to wait for a quite long time..
and the oil... yucks.. dunno fried how many thing ady..
the bbq stove.. only one.. so crowed.. 
cannot all go bbq together lo. no place stand also...

a hand-made enoki with ham + meat...

another one but failed..
by my fren not me ah !!!
(this one is bbq, should be fried. haha)

after eat.. third part...
act is sudden plan..
go watch Men In Black 3...
back to another 9 ppl~
overall the story is ok.
worth to watch but not super best yet..

after 54.4km..
time to reach home....

* special thanks mun yau fei and fu woon loong for some of the photo ya =).
then all my photo no photoshop..
i prefer original feeling ~

perhaps this will be final large gathering.
or someone else going to organize it..

time flies..
now all my lecture is finish.
19 more days then my final finish...

~ then will be another new chapter of my life ~

btw.. time to find a job for myself ady..
still looking for it..
any nice job about mechanical engineer can recommend to me ya..
(i will more prefer if got design engineer.. hoho)

by t@t...

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