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Monday, June 11, 2012

~ the last exam week but it's doesn't feel like exam week ~

this semester only got 2 papers...
1 is critical thinking, 30% only...
need to study brain structure, and the thinking skill..
my comment = OMG, better study last minute so i can think critically..

another 1 is engineering ethics, 50%.
heard that it's like open ended question..
it means we need to "goreng" (merepek a lot)..
based on the 5 ethics code...
my comment = train my finger stamina better, since i need to write alot..

so this few week busying for..
CATIA project, draw bus.. now still in progress...
Reliability project, done.. but still haven present..
CATIA assignment.. to replace test, but.. no news ady?
FYP final present to supervisor, erm.. just present whatever...

but now my brain is full of..
what i should do before my graduation...
what i haven do in melaka..
what is the plan for my trip..
and etc etc.. ahaaha...
a new download software in my iPad,
quite good can draw lot of thing.. ahah...
i miss sunset..

so.. my current wishlist..
1. Eat Taman Asean Fish Head Meehun
2. Try another Nadeje Restaurant in Melaka.
3. Try Crab in Fei Lee Seafood Restaurant (but super expensive, KIV)
4. Try the Donald & Lily Assam Laksa at jonker.
5. Try the Cendol near Jalan bunga raya.
6. Go Muar Eat + Play.
7. GO PD Eat + Play.
8. Take some own potrait photo in UTeM main campus ~
9. DIM SUM @ gajah berang

just get some of the old photo when last time been to turkey..
 when in the istanbul teknikal university canceler building
 when in the hotel show, he put sNake on my body ~

by t@t...

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