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Thursday, May 31, 2012

First trial on underwater photo using DiCAPAC WP610 casing with my G12, Review =)

after survey, can conclude that the cheap + quality water proof casing that i found out is...
DiCAPAC waterproof casing from korea.

my camera model is G12, so i buy the DiCAPAC WP610.
buy this on9 with the price RM149 only (included postage)..
quite cheap compare with the other one...

so we go a nearby swimming pool,
to check whether got linkage or not..
and try the effect..
also to familiar with photo underwater..
first photo. with the long casing..
then feel that not suitable, i adjust it to a shorter one. 
so the photo after this wont look so obvious have a black circle ther..
the disadvantage is.. difficult to adjust the setting. 
so i put the camera setting into..
scene > underwater.

so jealous my fren can open their eye normally and smile naturally...

shoot while i inside the water.
can see the sun and the water effect.... 
  i like this kind of effect. can shoot the bubble well..
but.. it's too much bubble.. ehhee
but. forget to charge my battery.. 
so just have limited photo...
waiting for my next phuket + sabah photo soon..

~photo underwater is EXTREMELY FUN ~

Overall review comment..
1. can easy shoot inside water, but difficult adjust setting, better preset.
2. after use it. although inside is dry, but. still have to aware on the seal place.
3. the lanyard is a bit annoying. ahhaha.. 
4. it can float =) no need worry it sink.
5. make sure well align the camera, if not u will see the Black Circle on the photo.. (just slidely adjust should be ok,.

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See-see said...

excellent G12!

See-see said...

Excellent G12!

BoonTat said...

hahah. thanks for the compliment. i like it so much. the photo quality is good but not as bulky as DSLR ~ ehhe.. will use it for all my travel and life moment =)

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