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Friday, August 20, 2010

20/08/10. reflect myself.

ady 6th week of the sem.
but. i like study nothing..
today have a take home quiz..
i spent lot of time.. only manage to get 80% answer..
feel that//
it's the time for me to putting effort on my academic ady..

act.. i always think that..
was my decision is correct?
last time obviously my interest is on IT or PR..
but then at last i choose mechanical engineering..
because i want a "professional cert"..
then now. feel that really cannot put all my heart into.
but stil have to do that..

my life my life......


beside this.. feeling that i got no mood..
decide start to become SS again..
back to my bloggin..
back to my style..
but need sometime to change it back..

tomolo another camp again. meeting with all chinese MPP and leader at PD glory beach resort...
wish me have a great day ther..

after that..
next tuesday is test...
why all the thing come together??
next saturday prom night.. yeah.//

then... few more week.
raya break..
it's wat i hope now.
i need a deep breath..
dun have graphic designer sense// but design a photo..
is a PROMISE> to me....
feel this photo nice.. like wanna get out from all the darkness beside..

by t@t...

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