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Friday, August 6, 2010


currently in institute KWSP, bangi KL.. enjoying a great network. heehe/

just pass a 3 days 2 night pra-Mesyuarat Perundingan Perwakilan Kebangsaan..
feel that.. like nothing do much during this..
just gain something...

then later pesta konvo...
incharge of bus.. try to settle before that... but at last also got change..
so another member trying to settle this problem..
but i think it's not a big problem la..

suddenly really realise that...
MPP = penjaga + infomation counter + driver + tukang paip + ah sei + dai lou + ...

and feel happy.. someone say i'm popular.. and not only someone... hehe..
my dream when i was form 2 really success !

coming up convo.. enjoy !!

skip 2 quiz for this PRA-MPPK... hahah.. goin to hardworking later

by t@t...

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