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Sunday, August 15, 2010

15/08/10, i need something...

recently// start worrying about my study..
coz just pass few quiz.. and test coming..
so cannot lazy anymore..
need to revision ady..

then.. mayb i need SOMETHING...
something that can motivate me..
make me more hardworking.. haha..

then assignment and project and other will follow after this..
so so so... have to hardworking...
but still need some time go hang out..

yesterday MPP UMP come to visit UTeM..
so MPP go to welcome them and have some activity.
sharing and canoeing..
before this i think i like kayak..
but yesterday...
kayak in tasik UTeM..
feel that...
no nice kayak in UTeM.. haha...

take some SS photo..
feel that long time didnt SS ady...
wanna continue SS more later.. hehehe..

then saw some funny.. also take a photo.. 

then the night before this... having a great night.
enjoy it.. =)

then the day before that have a hiking section..
quite love it..
but that time act as a passive ppl.. less active..
mayb too much junior ther dunno how to join.. or join who ba.

by t@t...

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