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Thursday, April 16, 2009

how many hours u Zzz.??

is Zzzing wasting our time??
recently final period..
many ppl also wanna get more time to study..
so they choose to reduce their Zzzing time..
i'm one of them...
revision until 2-3am..
wake up at 8-10am..
zzz less compare to normal day..

how they do that?
they will zzz while they are tired..
but will wake up in a fixed time..
so my fren like to set alarm to control the time..
**and one of my fren get the alarm software from me.. hehehe..
coz they are worry they zzz too much..

act we really zZz too much...
if we Zzz 8hours per day..
we live until 75 years old,
then 25 years will on the bed...
how many things we can do if this 25 years if we didn't zzz??

so as a mechanical engineering major in design..
will think about this question...
will try to design a machine that can let us work while we are sleeping...
dreaming idea.. wakakak

by t@t...

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