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Saturday, April 4, 2009

{[HIGHLIGHTED]} tat 21st birthday celebration !!!

that is my birthday oh !!!

my frens organize a surprise party which is not so suprise..
**coz b4 that i can guess a little bit, but i pretend dunno la.. haah...

then my frens bring me to MMU corner to eat..
the MMU corner is the most famous chinese restaurant around my hostel..
it got lot of stall and it is open air..

when i reach..
one of my fren bring a cake box..
and pretend the cake fall down..
haha.. that time i really get shock.
but the sound when it fall down is abnormal..
so i know that it's not true..
then my another bring the cake with the candle lighting..
and sing birthday song to me...

then after all those normal procedure.. hehe..
can have a look...
this is funny video oh... hehe

then item presentation 1... hehe... ah tat feeding.. all just few second video clip..
***just a beginning of the event..

then item presentation 2.. cake feeding... all just few second video clip..
see everyone being feed by the cake.. quite fun when watch it. hehhe

***all the video clip being cut because worry u all will boring.. in the real clip got lot of dialogue which so funny one.. heeh.. for who interested to watch it can tell me oh.. hehe..

someothers for today....
once kotex supervisor... then will get kotex... ahhah
an logitech dynamic bass
thanks 4 them to celebrate with me.. missing ppl.. bee kim..
**scare of i feed her run back to hostel already... haha

by t@t...


Helenxox said...

Happy 21th Birthday

jillvent said...

Tat Tat, Happy Belated Birthday !!!

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