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Friday, October 19, 2012

finally it's my convocation ~

time flies fast..
it's my convocation tomolo..
feel like my first year first day reach Melaka...
then my last sem last day in melaka...
and now my convocation..
it's just very fast..

erm.. wondering what will happen tomolo...
is that meet up many frens..
or not.. ahhaha...

but all those not really important.. 
important is got the chance to link back with friends..
keep in touch each other is more important than just attend my convo.

although i knew lot of frens during university..
but how many can maintain and keep the friendship long lasting?
hope that as much as possible ~

some of my frens say that they miss the life in university.
but for me..
i enjoy every moment of my life having..
so.. study.. work...
i also like it..
dun just think backward..
we are thinking future =)

i always feel that i am lucky...
i have the best thing in my life... 
tomolo noon is my convo..
but still in PJ today..
wish that everything run smooth tomolo...

anyone in melaka.. 
feel free come see me.. =)

*got one thing.. is the award nomination..
faculty contact me at the morning, and say need our certificate copy at night.
and they didnt told me when they need it.
so i sent them at midnight..
afterward.. talk with other fren..
they have meeting at 9pm that day..
so.. i sent midnight consider disqualified =(
can u all work efficient a bit..
at least let me know the deadline and give us sufficient time..
we got work de leh !!!!
although not sure i can get it or not if i submit..
but i think that my chance is quite high lo..
i active in koko and also get quite a lot of awards in design project..

1. i want to take many many photo !!
2. i want to meet many many frens !!
3. i want to enjoy many many much !!

by t@t...


See-see said...

Have you took a lot of photo? =)
Btw, congratz ya~

BoonTat said...

quite ok.. hehehe.. sorry ya. that time not enough time to talk with u.. paiseh...

coz everyone also like not talking much.. hehe.. btw.. thanks for coming ooo... =) and ur present

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