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Monday, October 1, 2012

After 1 Month 1 Week working..

During this month.. 
Did lot of things..

i went to a SEQU Offshore Safety Sdn. Bhd. for BOSET training..
it's a training for us to go offshore..
training those safety thing in offshore..
actually this training quite fun..
one of the thing is the helicopter escape. 
it got a helicopter model in the swimming pool.
we will sit inside the helicopter model.
then it will submerge inside..
it got 4 training, direct submerge with window and no window..
submerge then rotate 180 degree with window and no window..
it also train us use EBS..
it's a alternative lung for us to breath..
*luckily i try snorkelling before this. so i know how to use it..
then also got sea survival.. learn how to jump from platform.. 
get survive on sea and etc etc..
beside also got some CPR, fire fighting, identify the hazards and other other training..

Next.. went to NIOSH Oil and Gas Safety Passport training as well..
so bored ther.. face a super LC lecture also..
he keep on mention that he is the founder of that course. 
he got lot of experience and so so so...
overall the course is sienz..
after that got a accessment test..
u read the book then u can answer it ady...

then.. another great experience is stay lot of nice hotel..
hahah... seriously some of the hotel is really relax.. 
enjoy the swimming pool and gym room ther...
*my house is 2 storey house.. not condo so no those facilities..
and of course the daily breakfast.. ehhehe..

then.. another excited thing is... 
my fren help me book ticket go Bali next year...
27-30 July 2012..
erm.. first time buy air asia free seat ticket...

today is mooncake festival..
not really have the mooncake festival for me.
no back hometown..
no celebration...
mayb i am too lazy for it..
erm.. sometime too lazy to plan and go for it..
but.. anyone want ask me out still welcome..

always think to yam cha with PJ fren..
but i am still lazy to plan for it...
mayb will become 宅男later le...

tomolo... another outstation..
here i come ~

by t@t...

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