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Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Convocation

ding ding ding ding...
after 4 years 8 semester 48 months...
finally i am graduated !!!

at 20 October 2012 evening section..
it's my convo...
seriously thanks god for not raining..
because it is 9 empire gods festival,
normally everyday also rain..
but this time. it's no rain on that day =)

before enter t fahe hall,
when we gather at the canopy..
final checking on my robe face...
look niiiiiiiiiice =)

the so call queue card and our alumni card..
 after wait for a long time.. we enter the hall...
after all formal event..
(i forget wat event ady. it's quite bored actually)..
then finally reach our turn to take the transcript..
(and actually, we just take the hard cover upstair, no transcript inside).
and one by one...
say cheese to our chancellor...
after that..
after that..
photograph section.. 
firstly my family photo..
thanks to my parent and my brother & sister in law for coming..
and thanks for the very nice flower..

next thanks to my photographer..
winnie.. really pity her because stay under the hot sun take photo for me..
then.. the very first junior that i meet...
*meet me before i enter the hall, so i haven wear my robe yet. ahaha...
thanks to joye and sharon for the present..
then next.. also meet before enter..
thanks for the present =)
(same to skye)
then Swee Yen, Dato Lai and daphne...
thanks oryon for passing the chinese cultural society souvenir..
then see ying and li ying for ur beautiful pen..

photo with big white bear.. LOL..
with the FUjiwara meng huat. haha

FKM junior geng..
YeeMun, Carman, Da Ping and Rex...
suppose BMCD photo..
why Dato Lai here !!!?
a real BMCD photo is here..
thanks juniors for coming...
thanks for the present =)
with ShuChin.. the leng lui vice president.
with Lee.. FKM junior ~
classmate =)

then with the chancellor award winner Mr Ewe Tek Bee...
Another vice president leng cai vincent..
my FKM juniors...
with the my aiya mother.. hui fang..
haha.. this one like to posing...
mr yau hui...

Ms Lee Anna...
thank kar lock for the tzu ching souvenir =)
loh choon hong.. my treasurer..
See Boon Seng.. 
ms Kim Kim.. (i always forget her real name.. LOL)
finally.. solo a while...

but actually feel that take not enough photo..
mayb that time too hot..
still cant meet up some of my fren yet..
so next time lo..
believe that life goes on.
still will meet up...

and lastly...
here it's all..

erm.. throughout those study life...
experience lot of thing..
seriously enjoy it so much..
especially knowing many of my frens..

erm.. talk about study.
act i not someone that love study...
so.. not putting 100% effort on study..
but other things..
like club & activities, frens, hangout, play and etc etc..

but at last i also manage to archive some target in my university.
get some awards..
get dean list (got 4.0 somemore)..
join club and activities (SRC + president somemore)
get famous (but become low profile at last year)..
earn some money to go travel (although not much trip i went)..
and etc etc..
and thanks to my frens..
for letting me copy sometime..
in test, quiz, assignment and project..
thanks to my fren helping out on everything..
thanks to my fren on accompany me =)

but.. it should be enough for me..
so no think about further study master..
because i think i really not the "material" to study...
currently working and enjoy the life...

~ currently work in PJ...
welcome everyone yam cha with me ya...~

by t@t...


Ling said...

not full BMCD la...
no chu woon also.. hahahaahahahaha :p

BoonTat said...

ya lo. she not come.. go punch her !! ahhaha.. jk.. the whole photo is BMCD ma.. ahahha

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