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Monday, August 20, 2012

Graduation Trip @ Hatyai

Not the first time been to hatyai.
and actually hatyai is not in the plan..
just to make sure my fren can take the train/flight on time..
so decided to stay hatyai one day...

what is special in hatyai?

i like the floating market so much.. hahaha..
i think can say like that..
i love thailand night market food so much..
cheap + nice !!

the night market also got many stall besides food stall...

saw something funny ther.. a stall auntie go to the karaoke ther and sing..
and many of her fren also support..
this is a very good and relax working environment ya..

after that..
take the tuk tuk back to the lee garden market..
suddenly saw this...
dunno wat festival is that..
but just a very short..

bargain with the driver... LOL..
come to thailand..
must try out the massage ya...
night time had a wonderful massage section..
so so pain
so pain ~
the fried seafood thing.. it's nice ~
and something not forget is to SHOPPING in thailand..
but.. not my favourite..

btw.. dun forget to bargain with the ppl ther.. hahaha...

thailand view out side my hotel
rent a cheap hotel nearby the lee garden area ther..
and.. i forgot the name.. LOL...

then the next day..
took a package go to the temple(s)..

walk for so much.. time for FOOD !!!
(that time is around 3pm.. ahhaha)
we choose the sushi + shabu shabu buffet...

then some of the random shot...
i guess it's not shoot by me.. LOL...

some of my fren sketch to record part of the journey....

dapao a samurai pork burger before back to msia...

finally... thailand graduation END !!
but.. another coming soon..
(btw.. this is a very late post.. lol.. i ady come back from labuan long time ago)
sorry for the late.. ehhehe

by t@t...

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