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Sunday, May 27, 2012

my first "flood" experience @ bukit beruang ~

yesterday night..
suddenly have a heavy rain..
act at first feel so happy.. since long time no rain..
suddenly.. my fren notice that.. some water coming out from the back...

so we faster move our thing that put on the floor on table or chairs..
to avoid to become wet...

here is the outside view..
serious.. right?
let me test the water level..
8cm + 1cm . it;s around 9cm outside my house..
and act it's higher level..
so the road side estimate around 20 cm..
so my car is trap inside my house..
that time i only can pray. wish that the water level wont increase again.
if not my car sure GG...

then... the main reason the flood in our house is because the longkang lubang..
after we notice. we put a plastic bag..
then put some weight (5kg water bottle).
so that the water wont flow in too fast..
 then.. while preventing water flow in..
we need to take the water out from our house as well.
if not the water too much and whole house flood...

after around 1 hour..
rain stop to slower and stop at last...
time to clean up... 

 then our neighbour also come out to clean their house as well...

then.. ther is a MBMB ppl come to check the condition....
 at night time.. they sent someone to clean to main road..
so that the mug wont stick in the road ther..

next day morning...
someone "YB" come show their kindness..
help us to clean up the mug inside and outside..
really appreaciate him..
his name is safaruddin...
*if he always appear not only before GE.. then it's super good*

together with the geng and neighbour

and my house.. the front part really...
~ shit ~
cannot clean it with this kind of front..
should put in simen..
overall feeling...
spend few hours to do the prevention and clean up..
super tired lo.
rent a house in expensive rent (rm140 per month).
for triple sharing in a normal room (slidely bigger)..
next time will NOT rent this kind of house..
feel like wanna F the owner of this house..
sms him we are flood and no reply.
btw.. the neighbour nearby really kind =)

by t@t...


See-see said...

some more use the ruler to level the water~~hahaaa~~

BoonTat said...

hhaha.. that place is the nearest to my house, means that the lowest level is 9cm.. outside is more deep..

act that time i was thinking how to show the water level. suddenly realize got ruler. so use it lo. aahahah..

1st time experience ma. so excited.. but miss out some photo. ahaha.. that time busy-ing

Ling said...

wau... reli nt good le this house.. is it 1st time??

BoonTat said...

last time got, but not so serious as this.. this time is serious lo. got flow inside our house...

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