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Monday, August 29, 2011

my first Nuffnang Cash out !!

after a long long time...

how much i get...
dang dang dang dang....

after minus 1 buck for the precessing fee..
~~ RMXXX.XX ~~
what would i do with it?
*i just know that we cannot post it on9.. hahha

1. buy some nice gadget?
nope.. it;s too less for the gadget...

2. shop until finish !!
shop is not my favourite..

3. go casino, zero or hero?
haha.. i prefer steady..

4. saving for my study next semester.
erm.. ptptn will support me..

so at last.. i make a decision..

part of the money (less than RM100)..
use for entertainment.. *just very random. or as my pocket money..

then other and the most of it...
use for my turkey trip at end of september..
it need 1 month to proceed the payment,
so i think the timing just nice.. hehe

after cash out.. my account become RM0.00 again. ahha..
act.. i blog since i 1st semester of study... 
nuffnang advertisement.. just few month after that then apply ba..

actually.. sometime i really like to blog..
i like to share something =)
but sometime my mood not really like to do that..
so pending pending and pending..
so some of my life's memories gone..

act i hope that record my life journey in my blog..
*because i didnt wrote diary..
so this will be my public diary...

at last thanks nuffnang for supporting me.. hiak hiak..

by t@t...


Richard Ling said...

basket. until now nuffnang never give me a penny.


Richard Ling said...

the others ad(s) ain't help me either.

never earn a single penny yet. =)

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