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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Carnival at Cameron Highlands, 我来自新村,金马仑嘉年华。

060811... Saturday morning...
it's the Carnival at Cameron Highlands( 我来自新村,金马仑嘉年华).
so i help out to sell Lok Lok ...
(Lok Lok Fatt Steamboat BBQ)

this event is to celebrate SJK(C) Cameron Ringlet for it's 75 years establish..
beside coorperate with other..
nanyang siang pau, super, yeo's, AEC and others..
quite a big event... 
beside actually got the baby cute competiton, colouring compettion and etc..
but i didnt looking for it..  haha

early morning (maybe not morning)..
around 4.30am.. start from my house go take the stock..
and follow another staff's car go cameron highlands..

reach ther early morning...
not much ppl actually..

but.. after a while..
start going to busy..


take sometime..
go walk around..




go back ipoh at around 3 something..
after settle everything..

btw.. cameron really cold at early morning...
but very HOT at evening..

* i get sun burn in cameron.. LOL..
but i forget to take some photo.. hoho...

by t@t...

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