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Saturday, July 18, 2009

evoING.. long time no see @ photo --> bakti siswa >> faci camp >> orientation ... part 1 ~ group photo ya ~

long time no blogging with photo..
this is another big step for me to continue this spirit.

one of the reason i not blogging with photo and less blogging is...
too much things happen recently..
so lazy to blog ady..

so now i attach some photo with some memories inside>>>>

activity A -- bakti siswa

why they all point on me?? haha..
acting "cool" on this bomba motor... hehe..

photo with my "aiya mother" and some "aiya brother"..
act got 7 of us..
will have more photo on us at part 2.... photo photo at "青龙宫"... with all those "aiya parent".. haha..
**this photo already post in the nanyang and china newspaper oh.. haha...last night with the all "aiya parent"...
activity 2 -- facilitator training camp

last day photo with FKM 2nd year guys..
**sorry no 2nd year before entering the obstacle course...
full of spirit that time.. public speaking.. hehe...jungle treking at gunung ledang..
the gunung in the book "puteri gunung ledang"..


activity 3 -- orientation begin
smart look with facilitator vest.. hehe..again with FKM guys..acting "cool" with FKM guys again..taking photo with some junior and fren after sukaneka... hehe..
my orientation duty... "biro kebajikan dan kesihatan"..
enjoy this job.. but act i need more first aid then other.. hehe...
tell u more in next of the photo at last day orientation...

coming soon more>>>>>

by t@t...

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