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Saturday, July 25, 2009

camp sejambak kasih pengikat sayang.. dunno wat?? act just a normal camp la.. haha

a few days ago..
ther is a ketua rumah meeting at "bunga raya hostel"..
at first i'm thinking to complain about my hostel facilities..
but then.. it's a camp promotion..
and all ketua rumah have to go..
i decided to go this camp after see the schedule...

that day.. we gather at bus stop at 7am and departure around 7.30am...
then reach our destination tropical fruit farm at 8 something..
at morning.. we divide group 1st. then start our activity..
and suddenly i being elect as a leader..
but nvm.. it's just normal la...
act feel that the activities not so good..
so .. just act as normal la..
then evening.. ther is a jungle trekking section...
but then this jungle trekking sectin is not good...
coz the path that we go is no challenge at all...
dissappointed on this part...

then have a obstacle course..
also normal la..
**maybe last time faci camp also having same things..
and this part my group is having the best result..
finish the course at 3 minute plus..
faster then another group around 10 seconds and more...

then having a cheer design competition..
at 1st our cheer is just normal cheer only.
then we saw another group same as us..
so we decided to chance at last minute...
from the tepuk ramai-ramai to who we are?
our yaous is...
""wat we want to be ah? champion champion..
wat they want to be ah?? chicken chicken..""
then we get the champion again for this cheer section...
how come a less than 3 minutes work can get a champion?

last activity is river crossing..
i feel that this activity is useless..
for those who noe how to swim..
this only a part that nothing...
i just swim over then finish this part ady..
but then i get wet my whole body included my shirt to shoes...

then we go back change our shirt..
and have a small sharing section about "wat kesan from this activity".
then i being "push" by other leader to present it..
after that.. we have a prize giving ceremony...
and so lucky..
my group get the 2 champion in the competition..
**(only got 2 competition)
but then the hamper so small...
after "rampas".. everyone only get 1 or 2 package only..
wat i get after this activity?
1. some photo..
2. a pack of biscuit..
3. sun burn
4. flu
5. a little bit fever
6. dark..

OMG... next time i not dare to post a blog about "sick" if i'm not sick..
coz after i post it..
i really feel like wanna sick ady...

by t@t...


san@kuan said...

wat la u..urself weak but say the blog..haha...enjoy ur life...

tatistat said...

haha.. ok ok.. i'm weak.. but then the blog also got some influence oh.. haha

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