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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sem 7 i officially KO u ! hiak hiak...

so fast..
it's pass my semester 7. ahhah..
i think this is the semester that i feel "most nothing" that i experience..

seriously this semester.. busy for 3 period..

1. design week presentation (have to rush for 2 project at the same time)
but luckily my group member are very good..
thanks to them. ehhe..
act the problem is we work last minutes..
and before the competition is sem break.
so.. preparation time short a bit..

2. PSM presentation
erm.. coz.. i got no idea on my title...
>active steerng + driver behaviour change<
really get confuse + blur for this..
last minute being reject idea..
so.. 1st time feel tension for it..
when i generate the idea....
(coz i am blur on it)
after that.. haahah...
it's done..

3. PSM report
act.. not really rush on it...
coz i do it slowly only. ahhaha.
while doing my report always fb + youtube + forum + chat + play..
waste too much time for it..
at last..
quite satisfied..

so now.. all my homework and lecture part is consider DONE !
officially enter my HOLIDAY  STUDY WEEK !

but.. just 3 subject for this subject...
not challenge enough lo...

*sorry if i too sombong... LOL*
i hope that this time exam easy a bit ya !

christmas... should i go to have fun and will stuck in the heavy jam traffic?

by t@t...

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