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Friday, April 30, 2010

finally finish my paper ady LA >>

is my final paper in the 4th sem..
this paper like shit..
i start study since long long time ago..
but like study nothing..

but overall..
still consider ok la..
due to this sem lack go to clas..
** coz got something to do. not skip without reasons oh..

so i think my effort that i pay is should be fair on my marks that i get..
not too much hope..
just hope that.. can maintain my result..


then.. is the time to relax.. and having another journal on my life..
do another stuff..
study somemore...
i want improve my MATLAB & CATIA in more advance..
i want to learn to learn SOLIDWORK...

then... want to study a bit about next sem subject..
**now just say say.. i think cant make it la..

my wish in my sembreak..
1. can enjoy well..
2. settle my 1st step of my MPP job
3. Chinese society running smooth
4. then can improve my MATLAB + CATIA
5. learn SOLIDWORK
6. format my computer
7. learn FLASH
8. succes in my part time job (Streamyx cool uni pack agent)
9. revise some subject that i study to prepare for next sem
10. go swim often (train my body)

by t@t...


KianHinish said...

Hey buddy...when u coming back?? haha!!

tatistat said...

haha... hari raya lo... september...

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