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Thursday, April 8, 2010

end of a story... anothers' begin...

long long time didnt blog........................not because of no topic..
but it's too much topic to post.
but then my time and me body is not allow me to do so..
busy and lazy become the main obstacle on my blog.

so recently also done another blog,
it's name e-portfolio.. it's a website to promote myself..
maybe later will bring it to interview..
but now for education purpose, so some information maybe fake coz have to suit the interview and the job requirement.

then also "almost" settle my handout, assignment, report, project...
just left a summary which almost done and one vibration report but dunno how to do. haha..
but the worst is my academic study...
almost zero coz skip lot of the class..
have to gambateh GAO GAO.. later..
prepared the food and the instant drink for burn midnight oil..

then finally.. chinese society.. it's AGM !!! on 7/4/10..
it's really release a BIG BIG BIG BIG burden on my shoulder...
i think finally i can put this down..
to handle a club.. really not a easy job..

but then the next mission is the MPP (majlis perwakilan pelajar)
since this year like doing nothing.
next year have to work harder..
some stuff still under planing already...
so another stuff is begin...

act dunno why.. i feel that act i not suitable be a leader..
but then the opportunity keep coming..
sometime feel that boring... and tired.. confuse..
but keep on thinking...think of the other advantage..
so still continue to serve to another...

after with the name "chinese head" in among HEPA or maybe other ppl heart.. 
finally can release it...
got another to replace me...

long time didnt feel that the life with nothing...
is that nice?

hehe.. almost final..
but i still haven really study yet..
everytime thinking.. can i caught up in the short time?
just few days before every subject..

sometime thinking..
is that worth i skip lot of class..
waste lot of time...
use lot of effort...
to do those activity??

but now final is coming...
the most important is to settle my assignment then my final..

hope that the lucky angle still stand beside me =)
i always believe that wat i had done is with the help of my lucky angel..
although dunno who is that..
appreciate it..

by t@t...

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