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Sunday, December 6, 2009

finally camp keman finish.... Tired!!

the 3 days 2 night camp finally finish..
during the camp..
Really feel that...
I'm changed...
How come i only can be ''active'' after 2nd day??
and the level of ''active'' really bad..

In this camp..
It's can consider as an ''input camp'' which input lot of things..
Get difference point of view on things..
Although some speaker not really agree with them..
So that we have to noe how to filter those info..
And some talk mayb quite boring for me.. Haha..
+ not enough zzz since the 1st day of the camp..
** Coz i got insomia since many days ago.. Pity..

Beside.. This not as the last time the camp that i attend..
Which this camp is 60% input and 40% fun..
Last time almost fully input..

And mayb a long long time didnt play the games..
So really miss alot and enjoy the games...
Until i get hurt during that.. Now wear jean still feel painful...
Next time MUST organize some game.. Haha..
Must have more fun !!!

Coz this camp is very packed..
So we eat also cant eat with a 100% relax mood..
Plus some activity overtime + participant come late...
So we can say that it's non stop having the program 3 days continuously..

Now.. I'm miss my room wonderful + comfortable bed..
But now still in kl central waiting for the stupid train at 9.45pm..
Wait from 7pm...
**act planning go midvalley shopping during that time, but too tired.. Beh tahan so stay at melaka central on9.. Haha..

Next time only share some photos with u all..
** if i got mood.. Wakaka...

holiday still long.. Wat i gonna do later??

Available for booking NOW...
** although noe no one wil book me here.. Haha

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