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Friday, December 11, 2009

another camp...

just reach malacca...
For another camp..

Yesterday night...
My frens was went to my house for watching horror movie..
Total we watch 1 and 3/4 movie..
Coz running outt of time so cant finish the second movie..
Recently feel that those horror movie also boring.. Haha..
So not really interesting when watching it..

After the movie..
Then they fetch and accompany me go to bus station take the bus..
This time was break the record..
5 ppl accompany take bus at ipoh. Haha..
Then we take a photo..

Later ask carey upload it in facebook la..

Later will head on to ''selesa beach resort''..
Will it really selesa??
Haaha.. But after read the program..
I think this camp will be a vacation camp lo.. Haha..
Just waiting to enjoy ther..
This 3 days 2 night camp...

by t@t...


Pei Yin said...

hey, sorry for that night ya. din know ur leaving so soon,haha, so din join u guys for the movie becoz not feeling well, tot didn't want to 'spread' the virus ma...haha

anyway, all the best in ur semester reopening la.good luck!

tatistat said...

haha.. Never blame u not joining that la.. So no need to worry la..

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