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Saturday, November 7, 2009

a moment of relax during exam..

this few day quite free..
coz still have 5 days only reach next subject..
so today and yesterday night didnt touch the book at all,

coz the tips lo..
so no need too suffer from that..

if not. sure will "makan" the book and note oh...

and also busying pack my stuff..
preparing put into the store..
'pack" my heart to other other things..

everytime exam also will feel that..
wat i did still not enough..
i can do better..

everytime also wil bring along "regret"..
but for me ..
pass is pass...
just left it la...
as long as next subject do well...

enjoy our life..
no matter wat..

wish me have a happy holiday la..


by t@t...


淑晶 said...

happy holiday~


tatistat said...

ahaha... still far away from my holiday.. u really wish me so early ah? haha..

thanks lo. hhehe

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