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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my heart is in FIRE !!!

act feel wanna post about today's trip one..
but then..
after view some reply in forum...
it's burning my heart !!!

while reply those... really feel..
all of that is full of fire...

how come nowaday the ppl so stubborn??
and they like to cari pasal??

not appreciate on wat we do...
although without all of us..
they still can be here...
but i can confirm that their life wont be as easy as they pass now....

tomolo continue post my blog about my trip..

by t@t...


Anonymous said...

not everyone will appreciate wat we have done for them de.. i read the forum too, some ppl thinkings are really negative, they juz think from their perspectives, for this kind of ppl, we can actually juz ignore their posts.. but i know y u can't choose to ignore, bcoz u are the admin of the forum.. 难为你了..

thanks for being so responsible to take care of the forum.. use much words to protect faci board, prom oc, utem... etc

kena boom by ppl is really not a happy thing, i experienced dat too.. but since u can't avoid from dat, so juz ignore wat ppl say bout u, don need to have hard feelings, it's hard but u can make it thru! i know u hav done ur best! like wat u said 问心无愧,so jia you la~


tatistat said...

haha... thanks lo..

act that time just the feel(angry) when being boom by those ppl... but then now is is happy ady.. still can go sing k go play tennis as usual..

and i really want to thanks to those frens help me in the forum or anything la.. coz just me alone will not be release from the "boom".. hehe..

finally.. although not really success.. but i ady done my part..

the rain is over.. the sky is bright again..

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