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Saturday, November 22, 2008

my UTeM 1st sem result...(will up-to-date)

Highest mark: graphic engineering-95/100

haha.. this is one of the most "geng" subject in this sem oh.. and for the mini project already 2 night didn;t zzz wel.. only zzz for 3 hours.. haha..
this is worthy ya... and also thanks to my lecturer which so kind...

most incredible subject: ujikaji- 85/100
this subject is the only one subject that cannot predit wat result i will get.. from the beginning until the end.. act not much lesson.. and every lesson also teach nothing.. at the end of this subject, like learn nothing.. hahah... just remember the 5 hand writing full report... almost 40++pages paper ther..

most interested subject: programming- 57/70

this is the most interesting for me in this sem. hehe.. like programming so much.. act i think maybe i suitable Computer gua.. hahha.. but the lecturer really no good oh.. always ask him lot of question, not really can answer.. make him difficult during the class.. so maybe this reason.. i thnk now my carry marks a bit low.. have to ask clearly about my marks ya..

most difficult subject: Electric & Electronic- 44/60

omg!!! this is the most difficult subject in this sem.. hate it!! dunno why last time i love electric so much.. but now.. no interested at all.. luckily i;m not choosing electic engineering when i after form 5.. wish me all the best in the final la.. haha..

most "copy" subject: japanese-61/70

haha.. so sad to say that.. act until now.. my basic hiragana japanese also cannot be memories... haha.. but how come can get marks?? hehe.. copy much la.. but also got put my effort la... especially during final.. so after this.. only get half baldi of water la..

most lazy subject: math engineering- 53/60

this is the subject that i most lazy.. lazy to do exercise.. although get lot of my senior note and exercise.. but... just do a little bit.. and the final damn difficult.. dunno how much can get now.. hahah.. now only wish god bless me la..


most tired subject: bengkel-75/100

this is the most tired subject.. have to do lot of the work.. welding.. fitting.. fabric.. mailing.. lathe.. and act some of the project i done not so well.. so ge 75 i quite suprise oh.. thanks to my lecturer.. hehe...

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quite geng wo..

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