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Thursday, November 20, 2008

holiday celebration>> capitol satay celup>> eye on malaysia, malacca >> roadblock..

'tfinish my exam @ 16/11..
so at that time..
sure will have a celebration la..wakaka..
**act my mood already holiday when 7/11, 16/11 just japanese**

after finish the exam..
go back zzz zzz 1st..
then at night.. go to eat satay celup and other plan la..
because my fren accident and my another fren not always ride motor in town..
so although my license expired but i still ride it..

my other fren all also wanna buy something melaka snack and buy some fishing stuff..
so they go out 1st..
me and fei loong go out later..
around 8pm..we reach..
and they already line up..
that is the melaka famous satay celup restaurant..
the line damn looooooong..
they already wait here for 1 hour!!!
then only can get our seat..
compare to last time there..
here enviroment is quite clean..
the sauce got change(act just bring it inside, dunno really change or not la)..
but the choice is not so much la..
when i go to the counter ther..
cannot think wat to eat also...
but.. here got a bonus..hehe..
when u eat until half..
the staff will bring along some "BONUS"..
the bonus are the BIG BIG pRAWN!!! and other seafood..
wao... delicious...
i mean just the BONUS.. haha...
and the price here is more expensive compare with the other shop..
70sens each one..then the plate from RM1.50 until RM4.00..

if u like prawn much..
this will be the place that u like..i
f not.. this won't be a good choice..

then we go to find out wher is eye on malaysia which just move to malacca..
then we take motor round and round..
finally..we manage to go ther..
just go to the jetty ther..or behind mahkota parade..
follow the fancy light..
u will reach to eye of malaysia..
the price is RM10 per person..
act i haven take it yet..
that day tooooo many ppl.. no time..
just go ther..and apply a ea-mall card..
why will apply.. haha...
this will be a secret between our fren oh..
coz forget to get photo from my fren..
just grab some photo from the internet..
later upload again la..

then planning to round and round in the town..
but then...ROAD BLOCK!!!
my license expired...
that time.. my heart like wanna jump out already..
so when reach.. faster change with my fren who got license..
luckily so much ppl ther..the police didn't notice about that..
then...assumed like nothing happen...
then after check.. we go back la..
before go home..
go mamak blow blow water la...
so my exicted trip successed...
by t@t...

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