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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sayonara 2012 and konichiwa 2013

it's fast that it is 2013...
this year is the year that i really get into the working environment..
and leave study life...
so it's quite significant to me...

firstly.. it should be 2012 review...
erm.. actually this year (currently) less blog...
mayb not in the mood or life doin too much thing that is repeating..
no meaning keep writing the same thing.
so something i not really blog on it..
and fb is a good medium for photo uploading and sharing...

what is special this year?

had lot of memories in this year..
especially with frens...
photo tell everything.
labuan-kk graduation trip (pulau rusukan besar- inhabited island)

final year final sem BBQ

hiking at bukit beruang

ipoh-penang road trip (gua tempurung)

Hotspring @ jasin

kinda weird form 5 + yin boon yam cha

my birthday

pantai puteri

before graduate 1

before graduate 2

Eng Ling birthday

hongfai + huifang birthday

larry birthday

5S1 gathering !!!

my graduation ~

graduation trip @ thailand !

form 5 fren @ kukup
tzu chi final meeting

5S1 new year

Dean list award night

USS1 new year bai nian

part time job - enfragrow

yam cha


honeywell-ingenious party
i think i am always luckly =)
wish me continue bless by everyone everything..
review back my last year resolution..
1st wish is.....
change my occupation status from student --> engineer...
2nd wish is...
stay healthy.... no matter me myself and my family and my frens =)
3rd wish is...
stay happy always.. life should enjoy...
btw.. another wish is...
travel more place.... heheheh....
get more freebies... heheheheh...
all checked !!!

so.. next year should work harder and aim more..
my 2013 resolution are....

1. Stable in financial.. probably get a house by next year =)
2. Get healthier.. gain weight to 60kg (but not only gain on my tummy, so need to do more gym and swim)
3. Do well in career.. 
4. Start a relationship <3 font="font">
5. Enjoy ~
wish that all will archived well in coming year.. 

and next year i should in a good year.. because snake and dragon kawan baik..
from one chinese idiom.. dragon snake mix together.. 龙蛇混杂。。

lastly.. happy new year to all of u...

by t@t...

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