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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Graduation Trip @ Sapi Island, Sabah

After reach KK, then.. do some survey on the island package..
normally.. boat transfer service will be around RM23 for 1 island,
RM33 for 2 island,
RM 43 for 3 island...
excluded the terminal fee...
{ther got the place take the boat, 
1 is government (higher charges),
and another is private (charge less)}
the snorkeling set rental fee RM10,
life jacket RM10,
fin RM10..

this time.. we took a package, RM50..
included food + boat + life jacket + snorkeling set + hotel transfer..
not so far...
and very fast we reach to pulau sapi...
if u look carefully here,
ther is a jungle trekking path ther..
(if u want walk around the island, 
better refer to this first..)

bring along my camera...
let's have a look what's inside underwater...
quite a lot of jelly fish ther..

overall feeling for snorkeling...
it's VERY GOOD !!
because the water is clear..
then the coral is very near to us.. we can easily see it..
*but sometime the coral is "too near" until when we swim we will hit on the coral.
~ becareful ~
then.. got some fish will bite ppl also..
but.. it's not pirahna.. just small fish..
abit pain.. and abit hurt..
and dun go ther too late..
because when water level is too low.
then cannot snorkeling anymore..
*feel that dun go too much island in 1 day..
better enjoy 1 island only..*

after that..
without seeing the instruction..
we just plan to walk around the island...
but.. we got abit regret...
because the road is not really suitable for trekking..
so.. MUST REMEMBER SEE THE BOARD beside the beach first..
it have a nice view ther...

this is the crab that live on the shell...
this is wat we capture after we break the shell..
*so evil*

shit? no la..
it's sea cucumber..
(got a bit sand only)

big big crab...

imagine when u walk across all this rock...
how "painful" it will be..
but good for health.. LOL.
after 1 hour plus trekking..
finally.. we are done...
luckily we manage to rush back to the boat....

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