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Thursday, March 15, 2012

a busy semester

a busy semester..
because of wat?
academic + part time + having fun...
since it's last semester.. why not we make it a little bit pack...
so.. more plan will be coming..

but.. few week before..
continuous 3 week i go for outstation...
1st week~ JB for fun,
2nd week~ bukit gambir for work,
3rd week~ KL for work,
feeling that a feeling like...
i long time no stay at home dreaming..
everyday got thing to do..
sometime.. dreaming could be a happy thing...

but it's good the coming i can stay in melaka...
have a relax weekend ~
*although have a busy weekday =)
get my 1st dean list award...
it's in my wishlist before i graduate..
*this show that i really lazy on study. hahah

Hiking at bukit beruang again..
seriously need to improve my stamina...
feel difficul to reach ther...

plan a near near jasin hot spring trip..
 *will show up at next blog post*

so.. what's the next plan?

melaka beach?
*i been here 3 years plus but never play water ther*

Muar + BP + JB + Singapore?

or wat else?

erm.... plan will come out when the time come... hahaha....

ther is a real experience from myself..
so i post this out to aware my frens..
i just face the pick pocket last sunday morning...
that time i take ktm at the morning..

although i put my phone and wallet together in my jeans' front pocket..
but the pick pocket still dare to steal it..

the situation is...
when the train come.. i stand and let the ppl come out 1st.
then i realise that someone push me from beside...
afterward, i feel that my pocket got something..
then i caught it with my hand..
i touch my handphone..
then a ppl beside me suddenly walk away..
*and i notice that he is the one take my handphone out from my pocket*
but that time i was blur blur.
so dont have any reaction after that..
just straight continue take the train...
afterward i regret !!

so if happen next time.. i will know wat should i do..

btw.. reminder to my fren. 
although put ur wallet + phone at ur front pocket..
u also need to make touch it often..
dun let the pickpocket got chance...

so.. the luck is still with me again...
thanks =)


by t@t...

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