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Thursday, November 17, 2011

FKM Design Day 2011... Yes ! another champion =)

act the whole week also got lot of activities is carried on..
just like the talk, the short course and etc etc..
since it's pass and i am not attending.. so no post about it.
i will post about the FKM design day ~ student exhibition =)

today.. 171111 is the 4th FKM design day i have i UTeM.
and it's my last design day...

this time we not being told the actual start time..
so.. we not really know wat time start to judge..
for me this good student..
sure go earlier..
reach at 8 something am..
but then competition start at around 10 something..
this competition week got 13 groups participant.
(if not mistaken, coz i calculate from the hamper, LOL)
quite lot of design...
some is really innovative..
some is not..
but we student, so it's in the estimation la.. ahahah..

we taking part in 2 competition..
1 is stirling engine, another 1 is the car design..
seriously we take part the 3rd year.
act design day ady not a new thing to us..
so.. we not really feel as excited as the 1st year..
everything we do just like simple simple..
*but still got some group really work hard on it.*
then now intro my project..
1st.. stirling engine...
this is under the heat transfer subject...
use the stirling engine to apply some application..
but. our engine not moving..
how we going to do application..
this is our 1st time using machining do prototype..
a good try and good experience =)
and try out some hands work.. not bad

2nd is the rapid prototype, car design...
 this is under rapid prototype technology subject...
at first plan use FDM to make it. 
but at last the machine got problem.
we all sent to FKP for 3D printer...
here is the product with finishing..
but act.. i try to make another one..
but time constraint...
not enough time do the solid stuff...
so at last use my fren's design...
btw... at last success emerge as the champion also =)

lastly thanks to all my team member no matter Heat Transfer or Rapid Prototype =)
i learn a lot and gain a lot

1st year i am not attending..

2nd year take part, and win champion with he 4 in 1 impact wrench..
3rd year take part, and win 1st runner up with the intelligent water pump/green water pump..
4th year.. get another chance emerge as the champion in a Rapid Prototype competition..

erm.. should i say i am lucky =)
or the judge like our design?

by t@t

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