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Friday, October 28, 2011

oh.. to do list =(

hahha. my thing is going to drag and drag..
so now write some to do list here...
for me well organize as well..

1. learn solid works ~ this saturday will have a competition...
2. stirling engine prototype ~ still 0% progress...
3. car shape design + prototype ~ erm.. also 0% progress
4. rapid prototype lab ~ need to remove the mold and finishing..
5. study heat transfer ~ test next thursday
6. format my computer ~ it's being detected, it;s not genuine...
7. lab report x 3 ~ wondering when need to submit.
8. shop for iPad 2 ~ pity my little gadget naked its body for a long long time..
9. blog ~ wanna blog about phi phi island, turkey and etc etc...
10. publicity of lok lok fatt ~ need to done the movie and other as well..
11. clean/pack my stuff ~ seriously my stuff is terrible messy.. LOL
12. PSM PSM PSM ~ erm.. see step and walk later.. hahaha..
13 meet with my frens ~ lot of frens promise go out with them but.. ady long long time, really have to meet them

here is the list to do recently until sem break..
sound busy?
act. dunno why me still relaxing.. ahhaha..
i think i rest too much..

by t@t...

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