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Sunday, October 23, 2011

明年今日的convocation...狂想曲... and happy convo to my senior !

oh my convocation...
it's still have around 1 year count from today...

what do i think about my convo?

what i want to do is to throw my mortar board and take a photo..
*thanks kenwooi for telling me the cap call mortar board*
haha.. it's a trend for those going to convo..
i wanna put this as my profile photo..

i saw my fren from some private university got some lot of photo...
and got theme somemore..
saw that beach boy/girl... sport look and etc etc..
envy to them..
UTeM only got those class photo with some fake hair, coat, eye, and etc...
not good enough..
so plan have to take photo for myself
yeah.. that's what i want...

erm.. sometime.. 
saw some fren photo with those junior take banner poster..
to congrat their senior..
look like we are a SUPERSTAR..
wondering why UTeM dun have this trend..
so.. i gonna make a change...

erm.. after all done..
*remember get our transcript and degree certificate first*
then.. we will start think back..
which lecturer treat us bad..
then... it's the time to action after 4 years..
hiak hiak hiak...
 then.. this should be my perfect crazy convo.. LOL

happy convocation to our seniors..
hope all my seniors.
have a good career + family in future =)

*no photo with seniors coz.. my phone got problem.. no camera anymore...

thanks google search, all the photo get form google search...
beside.. the article above is just a think.. no offence to anymore..
have a good day =)

by t@t...


ken said...

dreamy convo ah.. haha..
the throw mortar board thing is so common right? lol

BoonTat said...

oh. it call mortar board..ahhaha..

nono.. that one is the first thing should do ma. dreamy convo is to revenge lecturer. haha..

cindyrina said...

good luck!!!! wish comes true... :)

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