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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

oh turkey... HERE I COME -->

turkey. normally ppl 1st impression was....
hey fren.. not this la. 
i am going to a country... 

i am going to TURKEY sooooon !!!

seriously quite excited.. first time take international flight.. hoho..
and first time went to turkey...

btw.. i dunno how to pack..
i think not until last minutes i also haven finish pack my luggage.. LOL..
decided to bring 2 luggage bags go..
try to buy more souvenir. hoho..
*if it's cheap and affordable.. hehehe 

then.. gonna skip 1 week class..
act for me.. not really like to stay in class and study..
another good news for me.. hoho..
bad thing is. my FYP still haven start yet..
need to work hard after i come back.
beside.. another assignment sure waiting for me...

then... this mayb is my last trip go foreign country in this semester..
coz lack of $$$...
so hope that i can enjoy the max...
thanks larry to borrow me his camera...
*my phone got problem, cannot use my phone to take photo anymore T.T*
then. i will still continue to take my photo...
*i think it's my hobby... hoho*

lastly.. i think i will not on my phone ther.. anything looking for me..
mayb can left a message in facebook....
i will try reply ASAP..


my timetable..

27 september 2011 (tuesday)
01:00 - gathered at UTeM mosque
03:00 - to KLIA
05:00 - arrive at KLIA
07:00 - ckeck in flight
10.20 -depart to Istanbul
18:30 - arrive in Istanbul
20:00 - Dinner
22:00 - to Bursa
00:00 - check in hotel.

28 september 2011 (wednesday)
08:00 - breakfast
09:00 -  visit to Ulu Mosque, Green Mosque, Green Mausoleum and the Silk Market
15:00 -  to Pamukkale
23:00 -  Transfer to hotel dinner and overnight in Pamukkale.

29 september 2011 (thursday)
08:00 - breakfast,
09:00 - visit to Ruins of Hierapolis. Proceed to the unique Cotton Castle, Pamukkale
15:00 - to Canakkale
20:00 - visit the Ruins of Troy.
23:00 - Transfer to hotel dinner and overnight in Canakkale.

30 September 2011 (friday)
08:00 - breakfast
09:00 - visit to Gallipoli,
12:00 - to istanbul
17:00 - visit to Roman Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, St. Sophia (Aya Sofya),  Topkapi Palace,Grand Covered Bazaar
22:00 - Transfer to hotel dinner and overnight in Istanbul.

1 October 2011 (saturday)
08:00 - breakfast
10:00 - technical visit to Yildiz Technical University
13:00 - visit to Malaysian Embassy
16:00 - visit to Istanbul University (local university)
17:00 - leasure in Istanbul
23:00 - Transfer to hotel dinner and overnight in Istanbul.

2 October 2011 (sunday)
07:00 - breakfast
08:00 - to Airport
10:00 - check in flight
13:20 - depart from Istanbul airport

3 October 2011 (monday)
08:20 - arrived in KLIA
10:20 - to UTeM
12:20 - arrive in UTeM

*just for my own reference, later on9 i can easily check this back.. ahhaha*

by t@t...

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