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Sunday, February 15, 2009

NEW !!! in my blog... have a look.. hehe..

recently lazy to study..
so take this time to do some changes on my blog..

sure is the look of my blog la..
change color already..
no longer white only..
let u all watch with a good mood ya..

add a photo on boon tat street..
and also my leng cai face ther la.. haha..
let u all have a guess...
whether this "Boon Tat street" is exist in this world or not??

add a comment bar..
u can choose..
"funny"? "interesting"? "cool"? "bad"? "lame"?
to say that about my blog..
surely u still can left some comment to me la..

and also cut off something in the blog..

and will update about myself beside the sidebar..
so u all can noe about wat am i doing ya..

i also upload some music..
that's a natural music..
let u all can release ur stress while viewing my blog..


happy viewing my blog ah..

if anyone i didn't linked u,
pls drop a message to me ya..
so i will linked u..

happy everyday!!

by t@t...

1 comment:

Yin Boon said...

yoyoyo.tat tat,u sed who leng cai arr??EH,don't said u leng cai again can??blek~~~

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