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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"tahan' the car!!!

a pity day...
coz of the class arrangement problem..
my class from morning in main campus,
need to go to another industrial campus(cubic) and just got an hour time..
and that time we got no bus to go..
after wait for a plenty of time..
then we decide come out with something..
at 1st this tactic really not work..
but after around 15minutes.
really have a lecturer fetch us..
but total 11ppl have to wait for 3 car..
so 1st let 4 ppl back 1st.
and the 1st car that fetch us is mercedes oh..
then afterward..
it like a miracle.....
really got another 2 cars come to fetch us..

hehe.. mission complete...

can back cubic..

by t@t...

1 comment:

jillvent said...

hey dude, seems like uni life is not that bad, must be with lot of fun and laugh, place that have boon tat will have laugh, i'm sure. well, u should use your sexy legs to block the car. keep in touch, miss ya !

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