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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

cameron highland... digi working trip

i follow digi company go to cameron work...
at evening around 3pm..

this trip(act is working but i assumed it is a trip)..
is together with kin hoo and tuck yuan..
already long long time didn't go cameron...
so feel that quite nice to have this opportunity..
free trip + salary..hehe...

so we go ther work as digi roadshow...
have our booth at those pasar malam,
and the farm or factory ther..
act our work is quite easy and repeat..
1stly go ther find a nice place,
then take all those stuff out from the van,
then set up all,
blow balloon make some decoration,
put all those item for display,
then bake the popcorn,
later distribute ballon to child or ppl,
the most important is take photo(for report purpose, haha)
then i work as promotor surely got sell our simpack la..
act our main target is those migrant..
and the largest market for us..
coz the other ppl seldom buy a new simpack..

during working it's really cold..
but feel so good.. hehe..
without air-cond already feel that freeze already..
(act i scare cold, so easy feel cold until can't tahan)

then at's our young ppl time..
play computer games..hehe...
DotA and CS..(DotA just a beginner)..
so i play with kin hoo...
especilly 2nd night..
almost play until overnight....

then the last day..
we go to kea farm for shopping and eat..
buy some plant back to melaka...
surely will buy my favourite cherrie tomato..

so fast...the cameron working trip is over..

tomolo is another sunway lagoon trip..
i think all my salary i work in digi enough for me to play in sunway la..

by t@t...

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